Meet The Phetteplace Family - Resident Q&A

Resident Questions and Answers Meet Rachel and Brandon Phetteplace Q: How many are in your family and do you have any kids? A: We have two adults and two "kitty-kids" in our family. Q: How did you and your spouse meet? A: Ironically, we went to the same high school, but did not date until college. We officially "met" and got to know one another through a summer job scooping ice cream and serving food at a local lake "snack bar" in our hometown. We also took a lifeguarding course together and were one another's rescue partners. We figured if we can rescue one another from the bottom of a pool and scoop ice cream in 90-degree kitchen heat, we can "do life together!" Q: Where are you from and how long have you lived in Woodridge Forest? A: We both grew up in a small town, Machias, located in Western New York, about one hour south of Buffalo. This area is nestled in the foothills of the Alleghany Mountains, with abundant trees, hills, wineries, fields, farms, and ski resorts—it's absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall. We also lived in Cleveland Ohio for 8 years prior to moving to Texas two and a half years ago. Q: What made you decide to live in Woodridge Forest? A: We looked at what seemed like every suburb in greater Houston, from The Woodlands to Katy, before deciding to settle in the Kingwood area. We chose Woodridge Forest as we liked the ease of access to 59, the "grand" entrance into our subdivision, access to the Greenbelt trails, and the bang for our buck in building a new home. Q: What do you do for a living? A: Rachel is a business owner and publisher of a social publication called "The Crown", an Exclusive Social Publication for the residents of Kings Point. Rachel owns her business through a company called N2 Publishing. She helps local businesses brand themselves in niche communities, coordinates private events, shares residents' stories, and provides opportunities for business owners to meet residents by attending social events. Rachel's background is in healthcare administration and ethics, sustainability, and in community development. She has Master's Degrees in Social Science Administration and Bioethics. She loves helping local businesses grow and creating a stronger sense of community. Brandon is a Senior Civil Engineer with GRL Engineers. GRL is a geotechnical consulting company specializing in deep foundation testing. He has Bachelor's Degrees in Civil Engineering and Physics from Case Western Reserve University and SUNY Fredonia, respectively. Q: Do you own a small/local business? If so tell us about it! We would love to support our own fellow residents! A: Publishing. N2 is the 17th fastest growing private media company in the United States with close to 1000 publications across the country, 26 of which are in the greater Houston area. N2 connects local businesses to affluent communities through a monthly resident-written social publication and provides opportunities for business owners to meet residents by attending private social events. If you own a business and find success with word of mouth and relationship marketing, Rachel will gladly meet with you to see if you are a good fit to be recommended to the residents she works with. Although she works directly with the residents of Kings Point, she can introduce you to other local communities including but not limited to: Carlton Woods, Bender's Landing Estates, Royal Oaks, Grogan's Point, and The Commons of Lake Houston. Q: What do you enjoy in your free time? A: We wish we had more free time with our busy work schedules, but we love to go for walks, check out local micro-brews and travel to Fredericksburg and The Hill Country. We are active with our church, Journey Church. Rachel enjoys exercising and decorating (which also includes shopping!), and Brandon enjoys golfing and woodworking. Before moving to Texas we used to brew our own beer, and we want to get back into brewing this fall! Q: Three things that you love about Woodridge Forest? A: 1) Our street. We are blessed with incredible neighbors! 2) Being in "the front" with easy access to 59, 3) The community connection with being a new development Q: Do you have a favorite spot here in Kingwood? Ie. Hidden gem, shop, restaurant, park etc. A: We love to shop and dine local and have been to probably every restaurant in Kingwood, and they are all very good! Rachel finds unique home dcor at Va Va Bloom Flowers located at Town Center, and Brandon spends a lot of time at Lowe's! We like to play Frisbee golf at River Grove Park, located at the end of Woodland Hills. Q: Anything else you would like to share about yourself and/or your family? A: Don't hate on us, but we are Cleveland Cavalier and Ohio State fans! Woot woot! Q: If you were sent to an island and could only take three things with you what would they be? A: Rachel: water, face sunscreen, and a journal. Brandon: water, knife and volleyball Q: What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and why? A: Rachel: Oprah Winfrey, Brandon: Tiger Woods Q: Top 3 played songs on your playlist? A: Rachel: Blessed be Your Name, Unsteady & Country Roads, Brandon: Regulate, Work Song and Sail Q: What are the 3 must haves in your car or purse? A: Rachel: mini tape measure, cash, and hand sanitizer, Brandon: phone charger, insurance card & spare tire Q: What would be your go to song at Karaoke night? A: Rachel: I Will Survive, Brandon: Bohemian Rhapsody