Protecting Your Investment

A new home is an investment and whether you buy a new home or a pre-owned home, you want to protect it. The advantage of purchasing a newly built home is that everything in it is protected by a bounty of warranties. Warranties guarantee that if something in your home is damaged, it will be repaired or replaced. In a new home, appliances are typically covered by a manufacturer's warranty, which means that if your oven breaks before the holidays, someone will be out to fix it before Christmas dinner is ruined. All Woodridge Forest builders — Westin Homes, Gehan Homes, Chesmar Homes and Saratoga Homes — offer new homes for sale with warranties that cover various components of your house for a specific period of time. Warranties vary by builder, so it's important to ask your sales counselor what will be covered and for how long before you purchase your new home. Saratoga Homes, for example, offers a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials; a two-year warranty on all mechanical work including the HVAC system and unit, all electrical, and all plumbing; and a 10-year structural warranty covering elements such as footings, bearing walls, beams, girders, trusses, rafters, bearing columns, lintels, posts, structural fasteners, and subfloors. Many builders, such as Gehan Homes, also offer opportunities to have non-emergency warranty service performed. These are usually scheduled during the first year when a limited warranty is typically in effect. Your warranties all begin from the closing date of your new home, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you're covered immediately. Less worry means enjoying your new life at Woodridge Forest in Porter more, including events planned by our Community Ambassador as well as ourresort-style amenitiesincluding our pool, clubhouse and stocked fishing lakes and trails.