5 Signs You Need a Larger Home

Is your current living situation a little too cozy for comfort? Maybe it's time to invest in a larger home. Not sure? Here are five signs that it's time to move up.

Interest Rates are Low

Taking advantage of low interest rates helps you lower your monthly mortgage payments or can net you more home for your money. Current interest rates are lower than ever, making now the perfect time to invest in a larger home in Woodridge Forest.

Your Needs Have Changed

Life changes and your current home may feel cramped because your family has grown, you need a home office, you need more privacy or extra entertainment space has become a priority. Whatever the reason, a larger home may better suit your wants and needs

Remodeling is Expensive

If you are looking into enlarging your kitchen, adding an extra bedroom or bath, or any other large remodeling project, it's a sign that you need a bigger home. Remodeling can be costly and disruptive for months to come. It could be easier to purchase a new home that has all the features you want rolled into your mortgage.

Family Members Are Moving In

Multi-generational homes are on the rise. Parents or adult children may be moving in with you. If this is the case, you may need more bedrooms. Many homes offer guest suites with generously sized bedrooms, full en-suite baths and walk-in closets.

Your Quality of Life is Suffering

Do you feel disorganized? Does your neighborhood feel safe? Do you want your kids to attend better schools? These are quality of life issues and your smaller home could be the reason you feel the need for more. A larger home in a master-planned community usually offers more safety, great schools and more closet space.

Woodridge Forest Has it All

If all the signs point in the direction of purchasing a larger home, Woodridge Forest is exactly what you're looking for. In addition to a larger home built by our family of award-winning builders, you'll get a better quality of life with fantastic amenities, opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and a close-knit community. Take the plunge and join us today. Need more home? Take the plunge and explore Woodridge Forest's ready move-In homes today, or speak with a builder to discuss building your dream home.