Woodridge Forest - Your Resolution Solution

Get organized, embrace wellness, and save money – did you know you can support all THREE of these common New Year resolutions in Woodridge Forest?

Resolution season is right around the corner — do you have a make ‘em and break ‘em history? You’re not alone. Fewer than 25 percent of resolution makers stay committed to those promises after 30 days and a paltry 8 percent actually accomplish what they resolve.

But we have an idea on how to not become short-sighted in making your 2020 New Year’s resolution — keep the resolution small and manageable. Here’s a breakdown on common New Year’s resolutions:

“I want to lose weight.”

Rather than set an ambiguous goal of losing weight, set actionable resolutions that — if followed — will result in weight loss. Swap out carbs for veggies one meal a day by turning the wrap into a salad, using spaghetti squash in place of pasta or eating an apple instead of a biscuit. (Yes, apples have carbs, but they are good carbs!)

“I want to exercise more.”

Achieve this with small steps — lots of them! Park far from the door when out shopping. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Live in a two-story home? Purposefully take multiple trips to carry clothes, toys or other items up or down the stairs. Take your canine cutie on a walk. You may not consider this exercise, but it is — and your waistline will show it.

“I want to get organized.”

This can be daunting — especially if organization doesn’t come naturally. Don’t try to organize your entire life or even an entire room. Try organizing just one thing and then see what happens. Set up a drop station for keys, change and your wallet/purse near the door you enter most often. Buy standing files for mail with folders for each person in your family, bills that need to be paid and bills that have been paid. Clean out just one closet or underneath one sink and see how good that feels.

“I want to save more and spend less.”

Don’t just say you want to save money, go ahead and give it a dollar figure — even if it’s a small one. “I want to save $10 a week.” That’s the equivalent of bringing lunch to work just one day a week or opting to not buy that White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks twice a week. (You’ll survive, we promise!) At the end of the year, you’ll have $520 — and that’s without interest. Do this for 10 years and earn 4 percent interest and you’ll have nearly $6,400 — and you’ll barely even notice the sacrifice.

“I want to live life to the fullest.”

There are a number of tips to make the most of every day. Try meditation for better sleep, less stress and more focus. Be nice to yourself — affirmative self-talk can redirect your focus onto all the positives in your life. Play upbeat music to elevate your mood and lower stress. Volunteering is another stress reliever and can actually lower blood pressure. Try doing one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking by organizing your activities into “time with the kids,” “time in the kitchen” or “chore time” and then commit to just doing that. You’ll be more present, more focused and less stressed.

Make Resolutions Happen in Woodridge Forest

You can accomplish all of these popular resolutions with a move to Woodridge Forest. Our inviting trails encourage you to get outside. Plus, Woodridge Forest is a member of the Kingwood Service Association, giving residents access to more than 75 miles of trails, tennis courts, disc golf, basketball courts and more. You can get organized in a new home, plus save money, as our builders offer energy-efficient homes designed to lower your utility bills. And living life to the fullest?

Visit our model homes soon and you’ll see why!

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